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Vision Statement & Mission Statement

* Our main aim is to illuminate knowledge about art and to make drawing easy to everyone.

* As a part of E5 publications we designed 11 drawing books to develop artistic skills at school level to enhance young one’s mind and to develop creativity.

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Business Goals Objectives

Our goal is to produce world class art material which appeals not only for local academics and industry but also internationally. Our focus is to develop art so that everyone who get acquainted with our product will be able to explore the artist in himself, where he can showcase his own individuality. By these our aspiration is to pioneer the company into bigger horizons.

We intend to reach out people by...

Sustainable education, by creative oriented learning not only for artists but also for scientific development.

Workshop to reach out every individual especially for school students.

Art competition to develop new art forms and exchange art and ideas.

Quality Policy & Marketing Strategy of E5

Clean, Simple & Impactful

E5 promises to maintain a good quality product in the market.

E5 drawing books are designed to enhance mental acuity, observations, skills & creativity.

Our books are with simple and easy step wise drawings of every object and living things we see in our daily life.

Every single drawing has its own identity provided with basic information tips and secrets to draw it easily and perfectly.

It also has cartoonish versions of different elements so that children show enthusiasm towards drawing.

Realistic drawings are also made easy with simple steps and giving an idea about real world.

Crafts and activities are also incorporated in the books which increase the thinking ability and concentration of children and help them understand different ways of representing an art. 

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