E5 stands as a supportive structure to understand the basic principles of art and art history. The history of art is evolving ever since its birth and it is our duty to keep the legacy going.

E5 is an establishment to encourage creative minds & bring out their artistic talent. We aim to educate through art work to reflect, observe, analyze and criticize in order to encourage students to explore their dreams. Engaging younger generation in creative exercises to identify encourage their self-expression and support their creativity and innovations in order to help them express their ideas through art.

Currently our company publishes drawing books from pre-school to 8th grade. 

Our goal is to attain art reachable to every individual. As the present industry is opening up to many creative ideas and innovative art as an important tool, through our material we help individual's to open up to the new horizons of creative exploration. We hope to inculcate inspiration through our material which will help each and every one to develop their creative vision to imagine and to achieve the whole world of themselves. 

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When it all began...

E5 Publications was started in March 2016, in the name E5 drawing Books & later on in August 2017 it was registered as E5 Publications.

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Whats next at E5 publications?


Our company is based up on art material irrespective for all ages. We would like to venture in to the publishing of general awareness material. Our future ventures include the field of practical learning for kids which help them drive into the fields of automation which will be a huge industry of the future.